You ...

... can now rest peacefully, safe in the knowledge that the world is a lot more agreeable and more ... safe.

My girlfriend is now a certified, ehm, helper in emergencies. EHBO certificate. Don't actually know the english equivalent. Sorry.

Anyway, huge congratulations. You've earned it!

In other nice news: Doris Lessing got her nobelprize today in literature. Now, I wrote my thesis on the old biddy, so I have to say that it is quite brilliant to see her so honoured. She's really good, I'd recommend anyone to read some of her work. Read the Four-Gated City. Or the Golden Notebook.

Having said that, I also suspect that this is in some way a prize she got because of her age. I think they chose an old lady over younger contenders figuring that the pups still have time to get it later. And since the prize is never awarded posthumously ...

That, however, in no way detracts from Ms. Lessing's obvious literary qualities.

So, double Hurrah! today.

AND: the House episode I just saw was great!

AND: I'm off work for a week!

Life is great.

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