To ...

... all gawkers at accidents and misery: I hate you. With a fervent passion. Try to get some honest excitement in your life instead of having to hover over someone else's misfortune as if it's entertainment.

You bastards.


That said and done; Next!
We all need a little criticism. It's a goods thing. We all need a little praise. That too is a good thing. But I have a sneaking suspicion that too much of either makes us ineffectual and stale and inactive. So: don't judge others too harshly, too strongly or too blatantly. Certainly do not walk up to someone to tell them that they think too much of themselves. It's fucking rude. Certainly so if that person is really trying very hard indeed.

You bastards.


You know, I wouldn't be surprised at all if all people who are overly critical turn out to be gawkers at accidents. Uncaring, unfeeling, shit-for-brains.

/rant over.

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