So ...

... today, the Superbowl was played and my father has his birthday.

To start: last night I was up until 4.30 to see the patriots lose the superbowl to the giants. Not what I had hoped for. But, honesty is important, the giants were the better team today. Because it's the best of one they win. So, congratulations to them. Comiserations to the losers. Better luck next time.

The patriots had a much better team throughout the season and 18-1 is awesome.

And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my father who tu know, I sort of like him. He's like brilliant. You know, I sort of like him. He's, like, brilliant.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention that I was up too...:-(

Gavin. said...

And now everybody knows, anyway. So, you know, FIXED!!!

Love you, honey.