Well ...

... I asked.

As it turns out it's positively great to go all out and empty on one excercise. If you push yourself to do the extra number of repeats after your comfort zone expires you'll build up muscle. You just have to take care not to over-train so you should stay away from that particular excercise for a few days after going all out.

Also: continuing to train to the point of vomiting is bad. It means your body is not taking up oxygen as a fuel source but has switched to eating other stuff, like your muscles. And that would be rather counter productive.

Thus: it helps to have a knowing chiropractor. It also helps to have someone in your vicinity with a degree in bio-chemistry.

I painted, during the weekend. I'll post it on the other site, seeing as that is woefully neglected and stuff. It's rather pink, i.e. gayer than a bag of ferrets. (I love this expression. Gayer than a bag of ferrets. Anyone who has ever played with a bunch of ferrets knows what I mean.)

I also have come a huge way with Hellgate:London. I hope to finally lay the game to rest in the not too far flung future. When I finally have managed to kill 'big bad' whose identity, for now, is a mystery. But there are sigils involved. And sigils always spell sinister. For some reason. Dunno why, really.

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