Up ...

... on the other side/site: two new paintings. Not gay at all.


I put them up because today I got confirmation that someone actually enjoys it and that's always a good way to get me to do stuff: appreciation.

I got a letter today. An honest to goodness letter. No e-mail, SMS or something. A real handwritten letter. And, to be honest, I feel very happy and special because of it. In a sense a letter is a little gift, someone wants to share something with you and it's magical.

The letter was by Anna, my oldest and dearest friend. I know her from school and she has stuck with me through everything. I think that's very rare and very special. I don't see anyone anymore from those days, really, except her and honestly, I don't really feel the need to see anyone else from those days. I got Anna and that's enough.

So, I think that tomorrow I'm going to write back. Maybe not in handwriting because, well ... my handwriting is 'expressive' (=atrocious). But I hope to bring some fun in her home ...

In other news: I have a headache.

In other news: I worked with Sabine today, she of the lovely german accent, and everything went forth with an unbelieveable smoothness. And after today I shall never see her again. I hope she manages to stay afloat in that world of weirdness that is DMB but having met her twice now I'm quietly confident.

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