Like ...

... yesterday.

My parents took us out to dinner in celebration of their 1 year 'other' marriage (long story, I won't even begin ...). We were taken to aplace that supposedly a decent kitchen and room for the kids (my sister's children) to play. It's called ... De HolleBolleBoom. Or something. Huge indoor play area with loads of climbing, sliding, and heights and running and balls and ... stuff.

Francisco would turn it into a grueling arena. THAT good.

Anyway ... we sit down, order, eat our apetizers, the kids get sent off to play and me and my girl joined them to have a look.

Now, I had some fun, did some things, awesome and went back to the table.

My girlfriend we had to drag back to the table every time theer was a new course to be had. Seriously. She went nuts like a child. Totally insane. Apparently, she had energy left over and some catching up to do ... and the saddest thing is, I didn't have a camera on me ...

Anyway, fun was had. And the food was okay too ....

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