So ...

... this day is crawling towards its conclusion at a snail's pace so it's time, I feel, to discuss plans for the weekend.

We have one.

This, in and of itself, is supposed to be a big shock.

There will not be training. We shall be cloistered in our home with a book. Ahhh ... not just a book ... the book. Harry Potter and the deadly hallows will hit the world next saturday and we have ordered two copies so that we can crash out and finish the series. We even found a fellow reader prepared to cook for us (yoho Francisco). He's less of a maniac, he'll go training, and he offered to cook. He'll even bring cigars, which is lovely. In return we will kill all forms of communication to the outside world and do some serious snack-food shopping.

I can hardly wait. It is after all the conclusion of an era, started somewhere in 1997. At first I resisted the urge to read ay Potter book, based on the fact that anything which is such a hype MUST be sheer crap as is so often the case these days. (Not yoyo's though. Yoyo's were cool). However, mostly due to pressure from my loverly girl, who got her university degree on Potter, I crumbled and gave in and I'm the better for it, I feel.

So, now it ends. Part 7. It's a work of immeasurable scope, it's clever and well written and I think we can savely state that JKR really helped put reading and literacy back in the list of fun things to do. Whatever the critics say. Who can go and fuck themselves, for all I care.

It will turn out to be very hard to let go of the book. Heart-rending even. Even aside from the fact that people will die again, as they should when fighting the uber-evil of everything. (I'll stiick to my theory that Harry is a hoarcrux himself. Eventhough this is hardly possible. But it's nice to have a theory ...) It will be hard to say goodbye ....

So. Don't call us on saturday. Abuse shall be thy part.

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