So ...

.... Francisco ... how are your balls?

Seriously. I kicked him in the groin yesterday, or actually, the day before that, since it's friday now. And just before that I hit him in the ribs. And this, whilst he is a good friend! I mean ... I fetched him a blankey!

Oh well ... I have a K3 CD just waiting for him. I'm sure he is desperate to know exactly how to sing 'liefdeskapitein'. Of 'teleromeo'.

Toch leuk, drie van die schattige meisjes van in de veertig.


Kamiel was here today. He's sort of looking for a job wherein he's not constantly on the look-out for wild dogs that might attack him.

And this is, strangely enough, totally true.

What the hell ass a dog would want with his skinny frame I do not know. Might only be of interest if there wasn't a bone left in the house because Kamiel is very slim. Underfed, even. So, the dog is not only vicious but also stupid. But then ... it's a dog. What do you expect?

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