I just caused a bit of a panic by noticing somewhere.

Never notice anything, people. Saves on the panic.

I have a lovely story to tell about my weekend ... but it'll have to wait. 'til I've got a few hours ...


So, anyway. Weekend.

Aside from the most interesting and slightly dangerous wedding we had to attend over two days, which was fairly interesting and tiring to be honest, there also was some training, which was heavy enough in the weather we've been having. And you know, it tires you out. Also: my girlfriend wanted new furniture in the garden. That sounds weird but we've got a swinging couch now, so, you know, it sounds weird but I don't care. Because we've got a swinging couch.

So good, I mentioned it twice.

But that took shopping and construction and that was ... tiring.

Sunday there was training and when I was crashing out afterwards my mom called. If I could help put a roof on ... a roof. My brother-in-law has a slight case of fear of heights (whenever he steps unto a wet paper) so the roof was impossible for him. So, I ended up being up a roof for a good 6 hours ... which is eally tiring.

I'm at my work now. I'm tired. I think that I'll be crashing rather hard when I get home.


Kamiel is coming over today ... we love him.

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