Interesting ...

... show today on VH1. Yes, I was surprised too.

The 50 worst videos ever.

And let me tell you, there were some howlers there. Color me badd (with: Girl, I want to sex you up ... this from four guys who never had sex because they were ugly. Oh, and one has to be gay. There was this line in it: We'll do it ... 'till we wake up. I have to say that if you manage to fall asleep whilst performing a sexual act you may have issues.) Vanilla Ice, naturally. (Essentially that nice white rap fellow who ripped off a queen bass-line). That gentlemen who likes to 'move it'. Whatever 'it' might be and where-ever it needs to be moved to. I suspect he has a van, though. There was a combo called ToTo Coelho with I Eat Cannibals, funniest song title in a long time. Then there was a hideous, hideous song by a 'girl' called Danni ... which clip featured .... THE SOURCE, Cole Turner, from Charmed ... in a fluorescent green/pink shirt, I'm sure he likes to forget that ... but they considered Eiffel65 to have delivered the biggest hit on our good taste with 'I'm Blue'.

Now, that is bad.

But nowhere near the worst.

the worst was in there, though. And it's a hideous piece of cynical money-grabbing necrophillia ... Five and Queen singing We Will Rock You. There was a lot of money earned on that one. And it's shyte. I don't even like Queen, but I recognise that this version does nothing, adds nothing, brings nothing except cash to people who were rich already but liked the attention. And it's such a bad motive for creating anything, it's shocking. It's a piece of contemptable piss.

Honestly, I prefer Danni.

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