Yesterday ...

... I invented the bathroom woodpecker. This is a bird that manifests itself by rythmically tapping the pipes in the bathroom. It's strangely averse to light but, as I am assured, will fly out from open windows in the night to meet up with his friends from other bathrooms. Just so that you know. It's interesting what your mind kicks up, sometimes. But somehow the idea of a bathroom woodpecker made me very happy. And this is a good thing.

yesterday I had the pleasure to meet someone who objected to prostitution. Not so much the work itself but the fact that it was visible on the streets. Fascinating, right? This must be one of those ladies who sweeps the dirt from the floor under the rug until the rug is lying on one meter of filth all the while proclaiming that there's nothing wrong.

Sometimes I despair of single human specimens.

To clarify: I do not see prostitution as filth. I see them as a useful part of society. She didn't however. Rather rude.

I should update the other blog more. I have some new paintings, some new photographs and stuff but haven't taken the time to do something with them. I'm baaaaad. Sorry.

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