This ...

... just in: Satan does not use Friendster.

There is, however, a God on there. In the guise of a young man from Amsterdam.

That'll be all, folks.


I don't use it. But if you're going to make a joke about it it's nice to link to it.

I would like some explanation, though. What is this current obsession with network sites ... Hyves, friendster, MySpace ... as far as I can tell it's just people ahving a few pics up maybe meeting poeple who never talk to them again and who call themselves 'friends' and then meeting people they have lost contact with over the years who therefore cannot be all that important because, you know, they LOST contact over the years.

Am I missing a point here?

besides. Some of the bastards whom I met on my trek through, for example, my schools I wouldn't want to see even a hint of a shadow from. Let alone add them as 'friend'.

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