What ho ...

... supposedly Santa Claus is no longer allowed to say 'Ho Ho Ho'. This is because Ho's are bad, I gather, in America. they should get better ones ... or, you know, a better mindset about the ones they already have. Plus, censorship of a fictional character is ludicrous to the extreme. Next thing you know they'll censor Donald Duck for being hard to understand and an affront to people with a speech problem.

Americans are bastards.

At work. Having cookies. And doing the occassional bit of work, even. Pretty soon I'll be ... alone ... so, currently I'm quietly enjoying the fact that this is the last week that I'm capable of actually shifting responsibilty and blame to other people. Oh well.

My darling father of 70 years old has accepted a temporary teaching job! He's going to join my girlfriend at her school for a period of five weeks due to a little misunderstanding that led to a position opening up for a few weeks. Now, he has 35 years of teaching experience so I'll trust that everything will be okay. I still wish him all the best, though. And give the assurance that we will visit bloody vengeance on any disrespectful youth who gets in his way. None shall stand before us, of those who think to harm my old man.

On a less vengefull note: it seems that Suusje gave this same speech to her own class and they were suitably impressed with her vehemence.

Still: nice that such an old man can finally manage to be gainfully employed and be a contributing factor in today's society and not only leech off the economy.

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