Another ...

... chickany post!

This is what the little tyke did yesterday when we got her indoors so that she could spread her wings a bit. I'm sitting there, oblivious to my surroundings (what else is new, right?) when suddenly, I feel a flapping as if something gently tapping, tapping at my earlobe's door.

Or something.

I'm no good with poetry. But then, Dennis isn't much of a chicken too, so we are completely in sync. In the non-gay-boyband way, of course.

Other than that, the week has sped by and I'm currently looking forward again to going to my work. The going there is okay. The remaining there and doing stuff less so, decidedly. I think I'd be really good at being incredibly wealthy and then not working. People will always suggest that you'd be bored then, but I disagree and I'd like a chance to prove people wrong.
There is a movie of Dennis too ... we'll see if I can deliver it to YouTube ... I have little hope. But there you go ... We'll try, damn it.
... Ik mag geen lege regels invoegen vandaag ... blijkbaar.
... tja. Computers.
There you go.

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