... no, not the idea which is fairly loathsome. But the person and the name.

I recently saw on the TV that (in one of the 'lighter' channels or:'TV for Morons') that Cher has a daughter. And her name is ... chastity. That in and of itself is a giggle right there. A daughter named ... chastity. If a child is hoped to be everything the parents were not then this is such a telling name ... Cher wants to be a nun. Or maybe she regretted having the child: 'if only I'd been chaste ... what a cool name!'

That, however, is beside the point. The point is that it is vicious and cruel for anyone to call you daughter 'She-Who-Will-Not-Be-Fucked' which is basically what she's saying. It's harsh. And then it turns out that this daughter is also gayer than a bag of ferrets ... you're called Chastity. You're gay. Sexually you have an inclination which has it's own built-in street-cred but the name just slays your possibility of ever being anything than a depressed woman at home behind the blinds ... which our Chastity then proceeded to be.

It was a cruel thing to do. I hope other people fail to repeat it. To call anyone after virtues is ridiculous. You just weigh a person down with expectations. Harmony, Grace, Prudence ... stop being unkind to your children people.

Just stop.

Besides ... it's such a stripper name. And that can hardly be the intention, I suspect ...

I just thought of something else. Her last name is Bono. Beavis and Butthead saw the lewd possibilities in that name years ago. She-Who-WIll-Not-Be-Fucked Boner. Cher must really hate kids.

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