Well ...

... it's amazing how little one does when one's lady is not in the house. It's fascinating. I have the feeling that I've ground to a screeching halt. Really annoying. About the only creative thing I have done of late is figuring out how to make Vodka Martini's. The Vodka Martini is a drink which has a fairly pleasant taste, at least the first half, and gets you drunk amazingly quick. It's rather shocking. I have no head for alcohol, I'll admit as much, but this will do your head in, trust me.

But that's about all. A passing fancy for a drink drunk by posh wannabe's and James Bond.

In truth, I hope that Suusje comes back rather quickly. It's amazing how much support she does lend me by just being there.


Daenerys said...

Ahhh... do men need women more than women need men? Or something to that effect... Either way, your pain and loneliness are a tribute to your love for your girl ;)

How do people ever survive long separations, and long distance relationships...eh?

Gavin. said...

Not. We flounder and die.