A couple ...

... of problems.

First: where do you leave your stuff in this heat. I usually carry the essentials of life around in my coat but let's face it ... it''s unseasonally warm these last days and, although I love my coat, really I do, it's possibly a tad too much these days. Now, what are then my options?

- Stuff everything in my pockets. Which is unsightly and rather bulky.
- Buy a men's purse also known as a gay bag. The problem there should be evident.
- Suffer through the heat. Well ... that's just hot.
- Don't carry so much shit around. Hmmm ... but I'd miss it!

Any suggestion is appreciated ...


I notice that an awful lot of albums have their best song first on the CD and afterwards sort of slumb down a bit in quality. This annoys me greatly. What I feel we should do is force bands to put out a consistent level of quality. I think it's imperative therefore that I get called upon to assess the qualities of all the songs of all the bands I like so that they are unable then to kill themselves off due to lack of proper order and quality on their CD's.

I await the invition of the correct recordlabels. You know who you are ...

I still have a job. This is good. That's all I have to say about it. In a pro-active sort of way. With the right attitude.


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Daenerys said...

Just get a backpack! You can stuff as much in it as you need and no one will think it gay. Pubescent maybe, but not gay.

Or! Get a briefcase! Or a laptop case! Looks interesting even if it only contains your lunch :)