Well ...

... my lady has returned. Actually a few days ago, but we've been busy. Of course when she got back there were stories to tell and things to stow away and stuff. Unfortunately that was also the night that our bunny decided that he had had enough after 4 unhappy years elsewhere and 4 happy ones with us. Then the next day I had training and she needed to do some work because her idiot school couldn't find another way of checking out the exams. Then we had to have a boat ride right after her father decided that getting into an arguement with an amsterdam taxi driver was a smart thing to do. Because they're such reasonable people. So that ended on the police station. And then she came in time problems and we had to grade papers to be ready on monday.

So, yesterday, I was sort of exhausted at my job. I was better off than my lady, though. She's basically fallen ill. Not that she can do anything about that, though ... she's got oral exams to hear. Weirdly enough, together with my big sister.

Long story.

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Daenerys said...

Ahhh, amsterdam taxi drivers: a breed apart. I've lived here for so many years now and only taken a taxi by myself twice. And only because it was minimal less risky than walking home after 1am.

Sad about the bunny... but 4 happy years is at least something.

Wish your lady well!