Yesterday ...

... my lady left me.

To go to the Ardennes. With 28 kids. And her father.

Yeah. It sounded ominous to me too.

Anyway, they're walking. This is some sort of important experience for young people to have, walking around in hilly countryside. It is supposed to make them better individuals. Which is fine as long as I wasn't convinced that it makes my girlfriend something less than an individual for a few days after. Because, obviously, when she gets home she'll be tired and stuff. Because as it seems kids are noisy and busy and want attention. So, she'll have gotten little sleep and bad food.

And: she took her father along.

Anyway, as this happens at least once a year I sort of have a routine to deal with this thing: I eat badly, sleep little, spend way too much time on computergames (WoW = WOW!) and I am in general reverting back to an earlier form of man. There you go. It turns out that my girlfriend keeps me normal. Otherwise I'd be tired a lot.

For added comfort I'm dealing with the stuff she usually deals with: I have taken over a small part of her actual paid work. I'm correcting stuff. Otherwise there'd be no time to do other stuff. So, I guess you could say that I'm without girl and with an extra task to perform for her school. So, this school of hers has stolen from me twice now. Bastards. They'd better be extra special nice to me when next they see me or I'm going to replace all the walls I knocked out of there a few years back. I'm not above boarding that whole upper floor up again AND replacing that metal monstrosity of an expansion vat. So help me God I will find a couple of nuns to live there too if they're not careful ...

All that aside ...

It would be nice if she got back in one piece.

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