Bugger ...

... http://www.google.nl/search?q=beopuppy&hl=nl&filter=0

Google yourself! It's fun.

Dae, from FiveAndDae, linky a the bottom, googled her online nick and came up with some disturbing profiles. As do I. One guy went under my name and expressed his happiness at the death of the previous pope. Jippie.

I want my name back from that asshole.

(Not that I'm a big fan of catholicism, trust me, but for all intents and purposes the man was a living being, you know).

Anyway. Aside from the drivel there were also a lot of ME out there. But not enough.

So, if you read this and love me ... spread the word. After all ... I have to beat the imposters. And I have to chuck that pope-death-happy-guy of the front pages.


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