So ...

... we went to the DolHuis today.

It's wonderfully situated, old. It's obviously outside of the cityborders as they were centuries ago and that is an immediate pointer as to what the use was of the building in former times. Because people there were, you know, nuts. Or ill. Or both.

Either way ... it was unpleasant.

The show provides an insight into the history of 'dealing with the nuts'. From constraining to endless talking and medicine. And this they do colourful, and neat and creatively. So, all in all, I think it's rather a good thing to go there, for everyone.

Now, for some strange reason this http://www.knikkerbaan.nl/ has found a home there. In the light of the surroundings the only thing we could think of was that this huge, huge, huge marble rollercoaster could only have been build by someone with a nice case of autism and a lovely OCD to boot ... or possibly it's all a big metaphor for people losing and finding their marbles.

Possibly that last bit!

So ... go there if you want to see more loons than there are in a bag of mixed nuts.

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