David Hasselhoff has been taped by his 16 year old daughter whilst he was completely drunk and whilst he was eating hamburgers. She was pleading with him to stop drinking.

A couple of things:

a. you apparently can't sink into a drunken stupor without first hiding your A/V equipment
b. his daughter is a geek
c. trust is long gone in the family
d. ... americans. LeSigh.

The things that I hate about this are these: we now know this. It's out there. It's supposed to be a private matter, a man having issues with liquor and his daughter is trying to persuade him to stop. Instead, because it's Hasselhoff it's news. And it will get transmitted to the nation. In fact it was announced just now on the TV. With a whole lot of exclamation marks. And the exclamation marks make it very clear that we have not evolved much beyond the mental capacity of our roman bretheren 2000 years ago, watching christians get killed by agnostic lions. We want to see suffering, humiliation and if possible tears and recriminations and pain.

Maybe these urges are something to think about and something to be aware of.

In other news: today we will remember those that died in the second world war.

I hate may.

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