Here ...

... is one I was discussing with Suusje today: who came up with the brilliant idea that nature is quiet? Peaceful? Seriously, if there is one place where there is continuous murdering, shouting, pimping, primping, eating, fucking, shitting, pissing going on it's ... OUT THERE. It's never ever quiet amongst the green, green grasses of home.

Even now, as we ... well ... type our birds are singing to tell eachother that 'sommer is ycommen' and that they're open for business ... the chickens are squacking occassionally, and only our bunnies are silent, mostly because they're grumpy. Which is almost palpable in the air but that's a whole other story. (I knew I shouldn't have told them they are going to go to the vet next saturday).

So ... who is the idiot who made up the lie about the peace and harmony in nature? Some radical anti-city fucker? One who did not see the consequences of his utterings? For years now, people have trekked into the wild to seek out peace and enlightenment and the only thing to confront them was the eternal noise of busy flora and fauna, forcing these people to retreat to a nice, quiet, white room with rubber wallpaper.

The suffering you can unleash upon the world by a misguided ad-campaign. It's unbelievable ...

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