There's no Dr.Who!

There's the Eurovision song contest! A bigger party of evil, back-stabbing, politically charged crap songs is unimaginable. Nothing is to be taken seriously in this competition, least of all the acts and the voting of a huge amount of the countries. A huge amount of stuff is already set in stones: all the baltic states and former russian enclaves will vote for each other. There will be lame dancing. There will be a huge amount of 'lalalala' and 'yeah!'. There loads of easy popsongs performed by third rate artists. And England's entry will suck, while the dutch entry will not even reach the main event.

All this leads to only one conclusion: it's perfect for eating popcorn and crisps with and you can oh so delightfully bitch at everyone. Add semi-sarcastic commentary from the TV people and you have a near perfect evening.

I hope my girlfriend is here on time.

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