Oh ...

... man, was it ever a weekend.

Weekends are usually quite intense anyway, because we train a lot and stuff so we get tired a lot too. However I don't see how non-sporty people live. So, lekker puh. I'm happy. I do wish to invite anyone who wishes it to come along, though. Get your ass kicked and have fun.

We also had two birthdays this weekend, one of our most excellent friend Kamiel, whom we love loads. He's special. Loads special. So, happy birthday to him!

The second one was today. My brother-in-law turned forty and we had to congratulate him, of course.

We had fun. And chocolate cake was eaten. And that was excellent.

It's so weird, I type this and think: well ... that's not much special to tell anyone. It consumed a load of time. But it's not particularly funny.

I need to carry something to write on with me so I can write down my brilliance ....

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