Hey ...

... read what my clever girlfriend just said to me, in the shower:

"You're much taller when you are ... shorter."

There was a context there but I will leave you honeys to figure it out for yourself. Or, you know, have disturbing thoughts about what she could possibly have meant.

What, ho!

Tomorrow I will go nuts.

Or, more precisely, go to the nuts. There's this nice museum about the history of psychiatry out there somewhere and we's gonna sturm it!

My girlfriend's pupils thought it was a good thing to see and, well, since we're all a little nuts anyway ... might as well go and check it out! Should be blood-curdling fun ... we were already imagening what the lunch menu in the restaurant would look like. Theer should be sandwiches prozac there at the very least. Or a slice of psychosis. Will tell all later.

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