Evil ... is bad for you.

Thank you.

Now, a little exposee on the intricacies of language.

As some of you know, I invest a little time each day in an online game called DarkFuture (linky at the bottom, knock yourselves out). Now, the level of language is abominal at best but there's one gentleman who just calls up so many questions that it's just not funny anymore.

He called himself VirginKiller.

Now, aside from the obvious rudeness of that name ... what is he trying to say?

a. He kills virgins. Rude, isn't it. Very, even. I think I must protest. It's wrong for people to die as virgins. Honestly, if peole could relax about sex the world would be a better place ... anyway. This is rude.
b. He's never killed before and is, therefore, a virgin killer. Well ... of these there should be more! I mean, I'm proud to say that I'm a virgin killer too, in that sense, and I hope to stay that for a very long time to come ...
c. He's never killed before nor has he ever tasted ... the pleasures of the flesh, shall we say? In that sense he's pretty brave admitting that he has never ever done it with man, woman or beast and his openness deserves a medal. However, I wouldn't really like to broach the subject with him because, you know ... he's also a killer. So, it might end badly for me.

However, should that come to pass, at least I'd be ... a virgin killer. But also not a virgin killer. And definately not a virgin killer!

It's complicated, I have to say ... that's how today's youth rip the fun out of a simple game. To conclude: choose your name with care, ladies and gentleman.

Also: I'm listenng to the DVD Marillion: fishing behind the wall. it's great. It's for die-hard fans only because the visuals are deplorable. I suspect that they have been taped from german television in the late eighties, during an anti-war concert in Berlin. Behind the wall, obviously, which probably didn't help the quality none. But, let's face it, THAT incarnation of Marillion was the best. Sure, later on they did some excellent things too (noteably 'Brave') but Fish is still the man. I think some of their lyrics are pure poetry, meant to be taught at schools. The songs on those first four albums are at times heart rending and really, really good for making you think. Really, catch those early enough and it's totally liberating for the rest of your life.


Up to and including 1995. After that it's ... for the die-hard Marillion fans only, I suspect.

Have fun!

Also: Caldosa, if you read this ... we loooooooove you!

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