Well ...

To prove my inaptitude with computers I downloaded some virus killer, spamware fighter, malware destroyer an as a result the fucking thing is now working worse than ever. It actually has lag while I type this. It's behaving like my friggin' phone when I type a text message ... this SUCKS!

Any help would be totally appreciated but all computer savvy people just go like:"Oh, why don't you just install windows again? It's far easier that way ..."

As if.

I have no idea how tenuous this connection has now become, whether it is indeed my doing or another far more fun problem, but I do know this: tomorrow, I'm going to save and remove every picture of worth on this blasted thing.

I may need to stock up on USB sticks. Are those expensive?


Spike said...

USB sticks & prices:

Burning on a DVD might be a cheaper solution though. If you had a DVD burner, that is.

As for the computer's slowness, uninstall whatever you installed to make it slow. Then have a look at your software list (under Control Panel) and from there uninstall everything you're never using anyway. Don't touch anything of which you've no idea what it is, though.

I have a paid license key of a certain virus scanner I'll not mention here, but if you contact me on IRC, I'll provide you with further details.

As for spyware, I recommend these programs:
- Ad Aware
- Spybot S&D
- HiJack This

They're all free. Google knows where to get them from.

Anything else: contact me :)


Spike said...

Typo in the url there.



Spike said...

Ok. It wasn't a typo. This comment thing just strips it.

Add an 's' to the end so the last word says "prijs", and there you go.

Silly thing..

Gavin. said...

You rock!!