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I'm going to post the lyrics to a song that I like, possibly love. Now, posting songs on a wepre is incredibly emo, especially if you continue to state things like:"Oh, this is just as I feel now ... they really KNOW me, you know" ... and I don't do that stuff. Ever. But I love this song. I love the band too, Sirenia.

I'm going to point out some minor discrepancies after the lyrics.

Lithium and a lover.

When all my demons set their sails
and my mind is riding the last train
Down a one-way track to the final station
Destination Devastation

A thousand demons at my door
screaming at my crumbling walls
My river's bleeding, my fields are burning
My world has stopped turning

I wil be your lithium
and I will be your lover

Give me something for my mind
something for the pain inside
A remedy, a cure for life
An elixir for this manica of mine

Give me what I'm deep in need of
a santuary beyond this cruel world
A peerless cure-all to recover
Like lithium and lover...

Having done this I have to say that there are several problems with all of this. The first verse is manic depressive rambling. I can live with that. One issue is in the next verse. "My river's bleeding"? What the hell does that mean, seriously? My river (named after the singer? The river behind his house? A river he bought at the local Rivers-R-Us?) is bleeding? So, aside from the water there is this stream of riverblood (highly diluted, I guess) spouting out of the river at a right angle? Doesn't make sense! The fact that his world has stopped turning means, obviously, that he is a traveller amongst the stars who found a planet, named it, lived there until it suddenly stopped turning. I hate it when that happens.

That does explains what he wants though ... it's probably lonely in space so a lover might be nice ... and lovers do fix a lot of things. The lithium will probably restore balance to the man since when the rotation dropped out of his planet he got stuck at an odd angle or something.

But the main problem is this: if I remember well enough lithium takes away sex drive, right? (I never tried lithium, I don't own a planet). So ... if you ask for lithium AND a lover you are sort of working at cross-purposes, at least concerning the carnal activities associated with 'loving'.

So, I don't really see this working all that well ...

But it's a nice song. And a nice album. I hear they have a new one out and they sort of messed with their style so I'm simultaneously wanting it and dreading it. It's a complex situation.

In the end it will get here at some point ... just help me out finding the space.

Secret message!

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