So, second day of easter, no obligations whatsoever so whilst my loverly lady (whom I mention way too little (apparently)(:))) is working very, very hard indeed, I can get some painting in. Working on a couple of the sharp little paintings and I'm sort of examining what the hell to do with that white and blue thing I made a few days back. Oh, yes, life is hard.

All these things left to investigate.

I think that's mainly the reason why I hate it when people exclaim in an offended voice:'my little nephew can make that, too!'

The point is: the little twat didn't. And he never will. Not ever. Why not? Because the little ferret is as yet incapable of actually investigating and trying out and getting ideas. He can imitate the end result. But he can never imitate the journey to get there.

So after all these years I understand what my teacher was trying to tell me when I was semi-drunk in art class: it's the road not the finished product. And that's inimitable.

So ... screw all stupid people. And let's hope their (possibly imaginery) nephews and nieces and sons and stuff get to grow up better and possible will be able to buy a clue or two.

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