Several things.

Quick scan of the day: did course work, tried to find tea, got paint, worked on Big Blue, got called a Jew on IRC (which is funny because, you know, they missed by a generation)(see FiveAndDae, below in the links, for a transcript), cooked, had a weird karate lesson (I sweat. That's the good of it), and now I'm here.

There was a school shooting today in America, somewhere. They seem to be all the rage these days. Naturally I do not enjoy that sort of news since, you know, loss of life is never ever good and since my girlfriend works in a school.

But I'm not worried about her safety and I'll tell you why: She works at a small school. It is the nicest school possible, where, if someone is about to go apeshit they'd have spotted that a year in advance. They get to actually KNOW their students. And this is a huge difference, I guess. In a small school, with people you know, you have the opportunity to recognise unwanted behaviour. If there are 3000 students to a school I'm betting that some people will be, shall we say, less noticeable than others.

I think that the powers that be should by now recognise that large schools, large classes are detrimental to the health of your population. Think small, people.

I have had the ... luck ... of experiencing both school systems and I have a clear favourite.

But what do I know? I'm just a good willing amateur with an opinion.

Oh, and I can't help but connect all of this to the news we had yesterday: in the US they spent 174 million dollars in an attempt to get teenagers to not have sex until they are married. This, of course, was fruitless. Or, you know, fruitful. Maybe, if they had spent the money on actually getting to know the people they preached against ...

See where this is heading?


Spike said...

What I think the US has to do is divide everything in small districts. Like Holland has "gemeentes". But keep them small (this also provides more jobs).
As you mentioned; "think small".
If everything is split up in tiny districts, people will get closer with eachother, and thus a tad more peaceful, I guess.
Though, having all sorts of districts might inspire rivalry.. And, it costs alot of money, but that doesn't seem to be much of a problem in the States. I mean, 174 million dollars on something pointless.. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

Well ... pointless money wasting is an american specialty. After all this is a country which has programs to help people feel GOOD about the car they ALREADY bought.