It occurs to me that I was a bit harsh, peut-etre, about the english department and the diploma one can get there of dutchieland's most famous university. I shall correct this forthwith:

University is a good thing.

There you go.

I decided on going to Leiden (an awful trip away from my homestead) solely on the basis of watching Mrs. Tinkler in action. She is small, grey, of italian decent but SHARP. My god, the woman can think her way out of any literary conundrum. Plus, she's extremely likeable. She rocks, hands down.

She did the introduction for people looking for a school and it was brilliant. Years later she became the lady who guided me through the difficult straits of thesis. I was just that taken with her.

So, that was a good thing. The thesis was fun to do. Some of the subjects weren't half bad. A load of the books were great. (Though I still can't enjoy everything. If I don't like a book I don't finish it so I have the utmost admiration for people who read everything, like ... my Girlfriend!) And in the end, I finished university, had fun, and got some skills and stuff. It ain't all bad, people.

I once gave a professor of mine a bottle of Irish Whisky. I have never seen a man so bemused and obviously unable to deal with the fact that someone was actually nice to him. Killed with kindness, he was ....


Soon it will be upon us.


Well, the new Susanne Vega album. Just so you know. These days she works with Blue Note, the famous Jazz label, so I am so interested to know what happened to her music. Her previous one , Songs In Red And Gray, was excellent too. Well worth checking out. And buying. It's, like, her first and only (we hope) official divorce album. Heavy stuff at times, but lord is it gorgeous.


Oh ... and my girlfriend thinks it's time that I acknowledge her presence in my life. Again. On here.

Oh, LeSigh(tm).

Seriously, she's really good. I'd recommend her, but I'e got the only specimen and I'm not willing to part with her. She's THAT good, yeah.

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