Okay ...

... I was up at the crack of dawn (8:30) and had a nice sweet training session ... at 10:30. it went okay, I was in the lucky circumstance that this was a technique training and not an evil, evil, evil, downright EVIL circuit training. Those happen to be evil. Anyway, with all the junk that happened yesterday I wasn't at full strength yet, but I got to kick some ass on the floor, which is good and I survived nearly the whole of the training.

I'm old. I sometimes need my rest, you know, when all the other little freaks keep going. Erik-Maarten is a bitch, trust me.

Unfortunately my loverly girlfriend did not join in the festivities. She strained some, rather necessary, element of her knee yesterday, somewhere in a swordkata. Senseless stuff but it can fuck up your knee something vicious. So, that was no fun and she was sorely missed.

Anyway. More work on big blue afterwards. But, again, I ran out of paint. This fucker really sucks it up like there is no tomorrow. It's logical of course, the background colour is a lot more present. But, oh bother, now I have to go out and get new paint and the whole bloody thing will get delayed AGAIN.
If you can read this you have been highlighting!
For some strange reason ....
There's always the pointy thingies and I did those too ... never a boring moment.

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