So, I just came back from training. We had an outdoor training today, since the dojo we usually occupy was used today for something promotional and, I don't know, boring, probably. Nothing good can come of this.
Francisco is a meanie!!!

Outside fighting. Yeah. So, Francesco, our 'leader' decided that today was an excellent day for some free fight training instead of the usual, slightly more reserved, Jiu-Jitsiu training. What it basically means is that with free fight you also get to kick and punch and elbow on the ground.

It's fairly devestating, trust me. I'm slightly shaking right now. And possibly a bit bruised ... but that's all in a day's work. And, to be honest, no one actually left the grounds completely unscathed. Seriously ... I'm limping because I came in unsoft contact with an elbow, two people were bleeding from their lips, one from his nose and everyone is bruised and battered. But, we take it, as silly as it might seem, because I guess this is what we need. For some strange, masochistic, beyond comprehension reason ....

I do wonder however, what the other occupants of those verdant shores were thinking when they saw six people (five guys, one girl) rolling around on the green green grass trying out techniques specifically designed with one goal in mind: hurting your opponent something wicked.
We were next to a children's playground. I wonder whether we were a good example for the ittle 'uns.

The bothering thing however is that I'm a wearer of glasses. This means that in cases of extreme crass violence I take my glasses off. So, I never get a look at the surprised faces of the people walking by.

The other side of this is that I never get to see surprised faces and that I never feel ashamed about what I'm doing. That is a positive thing. In the end it's all performance.

Hey, something else ... can't people be silent anymore? Don't they teach their kids that quiet is nice too? I remember being told by my parents to shut the hell up if I was shouting too loudly outside ... nowadays it seems that people don't do that anymore. Now, I know, I shouldn't be bothered bythat so much, after all, the older you get the worse your hearing is ... but, you know, I'd really not mind people telling their kids to shut it, once in a while ....

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