I have some. Two days in the week I ship myself of to Andijk.

Google THAT, huh?

I shuffle paper around.

That's it.

I get severly controlled all the way whilst trying to make headway into the underbelly that is municipal government. In short, I'm cleaning up the mess while Anton is looking over my shoulder, decides that everything must be different because he'd do it differently (obviously, this is not an exact science and I throw way more shit out than he'll ever can manage(honestly, I think he's got some genetic flaw where he's incapable of ditching stuff. He'll live in a small house with loads and loads of newspapers soon ...)).

And all this ... AND I have a degree in english lit. So, let that be a lesson, folks. Study something useless, get a useless job.

But I'm such a good reader now ... I analyse literature for fun!

And the job keeps me in paint! Yay! Which, right now, is all that really matters ...

Thanks to the people who came along and had a look at the things I put up ... love you all!


Anonymous said...

It's true: I studied English at uni (didnt bother getting a degree at the last possible moment) and now I punch numbers at a large corporation. Well paid, but kinda useless job for someone with all that literature in her head.

I am a good reader too! A bit too good! I wish I could enjoy books more without analysing them to bits... :( I feel so doomed...

Gavin. said...

Doomed? Isn't that a bit much?

Spike said...

Yeah, doomed?
I'm kinda (= very) jealous. I'd trade places any day!

I want a degree in English, but I don't think I can be bothered with studying all that much.

And I'd love to be able to get myself reading. It just doesn't appeal to me.. I feel left out sometimes, when people discuss how this one writer is so much better than that other one.

But when I look at how much there is that I'd need to catch up with, I can't but sigh and get on with whatever it was I was doing a minute before.