I ...

.... biked to Jiu-Jitsiu this evening (I still can't spell it) and I saw a dead heron.

And now a tale shall ensue about how minds work. There might be a moral. If all of you behave at least.

So, a dead heron. I can't remember ever having seen a heron as roadkill. It was sad, because herons are pretty cool. Anything that can sit still for that long is amazing. And it's a pretty bird as well.

Anyway, it got me thinking. And now there follows a bit which will make more sense to dutch readers.

My dad has the habbit of harassing words. He did that at a professional level for years, he was a teacher of the dutch language, and he used to use his skills for entertainment purposes for us wee kids and because, I suspect, reality is sometimes boring and needs a bit of mystery. So, there were 'boskippen' to be gotten from the shops, there were 'pin-guinen' and 'gie-raffes' in the zoo and when you were dirty you went into the 'dauge'. This just to show how I became so weird with language myself. (Ta, dad!). Anyway. In dutch a heron is called a 'reiger' so 'naturally' this became 'reiziger' which sort of translates as 'traveller' making the heron actually a lot more cool than ever you expect. The bird sticks in my mind at least as a sort of proto bird seeing all and going everywhere. This of course reinforced by the fact that the animal indeed seemed to travel everywhere with us ...

That's what I thought when I saw the heron.

the beautiful thing is that the old man is now passing his weird ways on to the kids of my sis. It's quite reassuring to know that the next generation will probably get stung a bit by the same bug as he and I. Some things need to live on.

So. On to the morals of this tale:

a. Always enjoy the strange things your parents do. It's awesome. Try to be as insane. It's good for you.
b. Try to pass that awesomeness on. Good things are worth preserving.
c. Try not to make roadkill out of our friends because it makes me quite sad to see beautiful birds dead.

There you go ...

My girlfriend got me paint. She had to risk live and limbs to go into town but she did it. So, I guess the hole in the canvas shall soon be stoppered. A good thing because it's standing next to me and it's grinning at me like a smile with a tooth missing. Soon, my friends, soon ... pics will be up when I have them, on the other si(d)(t)e as usual.

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