No ...

... seriously?!?!

Have you seen Dr.Who?

That new Dalek? How fucking gross was that? Really? Wow ... evolution is so often a dead end and I hope this is one too, soon .... scary fucker ...

However, we must appreciate this, courtesy of the BBC: Sec is the first Dalek ever to wear shoes. This is important and we musn't forget.


Other than that, normal day. Sports, hung with chicko, cooked, ate, saw Dr.Who, saw Men In Thights (masterly), and saw The Llamas.

... really, when you come to think about it, this thing I call a wepre is indeed, as StarDust said, a bit less random. I need to fix that, somehow. because randomness is important! Indeed!

Oh! Oh! Oh!

We received word today that Lucy, a rather fetching young woman from England, who is totally besotted with Spike a rather ... young man from Holland DOES NOT MIND THIS VIDEO SO MUCH: http://www.metalblade.de/videos/amonamarth/runestomymemory.wmv
Usually she listen to BRIT-POP shyte. Arctic wankers. Yuck.
Trust me that's akin to hearing that Gordon Ramsey has quiet days or that Patty Brard really does have a brain.

It's a stunner.

I did mention this video before somewhere, mostly because of the beautiful synchronised headbanging that can be admired here. It's ... awesome. Awe inspiring, even. It made e decide that I want a CD by these vikings.

But then ... I want so many CD's. Donations are, of course, allowed, nay, encouraged!

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