Let's ...

... talk about The Gilmore Girls.

Yes. It might seem sort of girly.

But since my girlfriend turned me on to this show I have been unable to let it go. It's ... nice. It's a nice show. It's just ... nice. A very friendly show about life in an insane town, with insane people.

The thing is that, strangely enough, all the weird people who roam this town, Kirk, Taylor, Miss Patty, Babbette and Morrey, Luke ... they're all totally believeable. The writers have understood that at the heart of things people like to be happy and people are totally insane and do insane stuff. The writers apparently have totally understood humanity and they deserve a prize of some sort.

I think more programs should be made with such love and care. It's a rarity, I find, these days. Ultimately there's a lot of programs out there that get made for the money. So, thet're basically big commercials used to keep people glued to the TV in order for them to see more commercials and CallGames and Text more for who ever the public thinks is the best celebrity ay ... something. But that's my personal hang-up.

But not The GilMore Girls! Sure, they made a few mistakes (Richard's mother coming back from the dead, Luke's diner moving about town since the first episode, Kirk being called Mick once ...) but it has a heart. And an amazing sense of humour.

So. Watch it, okay?

Plus, I then can talk to you about which man in Lorelai's life was actually the most fun and stuff ...

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