I hate ...

... the word blog.

After careful consideration between me and my loverly girlfriend we have reached a consensus. The word 'blog' is truly ugly. It sounds heavy, bulky, large, unwieldy and unflattering. It sounds like something you'd call someone of questionable parentage whom you utterly despise.

'You BLOG!'

And then running would ensue. And possibly hiding, fighting and the hurling of heavy objects over large distances in order to do some damage.

I think it's time to think up a new word. It won't help much since I won't be able to adjust the settings of this programme any further than I already have done ... still. A new word.

I'm thinking of 'Wepre'. As in: 'I have to write a new piece in my Wepre.' I think it's a rather elegant contraction of 'Web' and 'Presence'. To be pronounced as french.

Other suggestions are welcome, however.

Oh ... and happy Death And Ressurrection Of Jesus Days.

Carla made a lovely breakfast/brunch for us. Carla is Susanne's mother. And there was much jocularity and throwing of eggs. Good times. Plus, it saved us money so that was good ...

That was a bit cynical, right?

Sorry ...

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