Andy Kaufman.

I just saw 'Man On The Moon'. Quite a great picture about performer Andy Kaufman. I recommend it.

Now, I googled him and there seems to be some uncertainty about his death with some people. The interesting thing is that people seem to not get the joke. At all. Two links ...


That is simply the worst single internetpage I have ever seen. And If I undertsand it correctly that is supposed to be ... the worst internetpage one can ever see. It's supposed to be a mess, mainly because it is probably hosted by someone working for a friend of Andy's ... the joke is, of course that this stuff works!


Or ... does it? The movie and the subsequent info I gathered has me so suspicious that I'm thinking that this site too could be part of a rather ellaborate hoax ...

So, years after his alledged death Andy Kaufman still confuses people. Somehow, I think he'd appreciate it.

Or: appreciates it.

I actually think it's a bit of a shame I missed his work.

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