2 and we're off!

.... right.

So, that first post was actually just something I had to put up there to figure out, you know, where all the bits actually go. I'm not overly computer-savvy, dig? For instance: I have a devil of a time getting this computer to accept the fact that I really WANT to type in a nice salmon colour. It obviously disagrees with me since it has already tried to disrupt that twice. Whether it does that on aesthetic grounds or out of sheer malevolance I do not know ... and there's a good chance that I don't want to find out.

The thing is, the thing is, the thing is ... I started this thing mainly out of ... frustration. Those who know me, a little, are aware that I have a tendency to fill pages and pages and pages of Dark-Future profile (see linkies down below) with utter drivel and nonsense.

In short: I blog(ged) on DF.

But it's a game. And one at which I'm not particularly good, as such. So, I get killed a lot. My profile goes in the dustbin, it's a real mess, yuk. The problem is that I sort of liked the attention and the comments and the whole deal. In the end humans are big audience seekers. Attention-whores, the lot of us. (And the text just reverted back to black, LeSigh (tm)).

So, I figured I'd start doing this for reals, likes.

So, welcome. I hope to entertain. Maybe learn to ... open up, a bit more. Talk to people. Get a sympathetic ear ...

Are you my mommy?

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