Maybe ...

... it's time to post something about what I do on the weekends. Just to get that out of the way. Sort of. So, you know, I can move on.

I fight a lot. And I get beaten up a lot on the weekends. And, get this: ... I paid for it.

Saturday is Aikido and JuiJitsui, which I still can't spell. Sunday is .. let's call it JuiJitsui competition training. Which basically means that I get a lot of destroyed at the hands of a very dear and wonderful friend of mine, Francisco Morales. He's very friendly. Very good cook. Very sweet and social man. Very caring. Wonderful cook, actually. Bit of a dodgy taste in music. And, oh yeah, he beats people into a bloody pulp for fun.

The things we do.

Anyway. He's nice. I feel I learn things. At least I learn how to feel things ... like pain, discomfort, heat, sweat ...

I also take lessons in karate and another JuiJitsui lesson on wednesday. Me's a busy lad, aye.

The only slightly worrying thing is that my partner with whom I have taken my green and blue belt exams is feeling a little under the weather. Or, a lot, actually. This basically means that, currently, I'm not really learning anything new anymore and I'm getting slightly frustrated about that. It's just no fun that way. Oh, and having Vincent breaking my back is not a great deal of fun either. Luckily I just kill him back. Lord knows that he keeps smiling so that's okay.

Oh ... and Aikido on satday I do with my girlfriend! Yay! So, that is absolutely brilliant and fantastic! I like those hours. Ten guys in white pyjamas, my girl by my side and a friend (The aforementionted Francisco) crashed next to the mat, sleeping. He has odd sleep hours that man ... but we love him anyway.

We have to. He'd kill us if we didn't.

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