Migraine ...

... hurts.

Just so that we're clear. I was sporting today and towards the end I nearly collapsed from a rather ruthless storm in my head. Apparently I really scared Francisco who was driving me home with my general lack of colour and weirdness and stuff.

That of course was the GOOD part.

Anyway ... A hot shower and some sleep later and I'm here ready to muddle through the remainder of this day. Which includes a brand-new Dr.Who, so, you know, the day is looking up. There will be The Face Of Boo. There will be cat persons. There will be NewNewYork.

Yeah. Migraines hurt.
Read between the lines?
Buy my paintings!!!!
I knew it!!!

I knew that the Doctor was never the last of the time lords. Nah ... never! Such a clever species and then all just vanish in a puff of smoke? Hardly. They just stepped out for a bit, had a smoke and are probably back on track again in the final episodes of the series ...

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