Happy (slightly belated) Good Friday!

It's a weird day, isn't it, Good Friday. Aside from the fact that I think that Judas got handed a bad deal (after all he helped bring about the death of Jesus ... and, supposedly, BECAUSE of this the redemption from all sin of all mankind ... so, christians really should thank Judas. Every day.)(Mind you, having your friend tortured sort of evens that out again. Still, there's some issues there that need counselling.)(And now, on a very special Dr.Phil ...) I think it's weird to remember the fact that 'he died and absolved us and is god' ... and forget that's also about a man dying. A mother losing a son. The Matheus Passion does mention this nicely though. So, I listened to that and there are some excellent musical ideas there. I'm not such a big neaderthal as I seem, musically.

I do have to say that I positively hate the Passion Of The Christ. That movie. THAT movie. Mel Gibson is a freak anyway and this overblown excuse for an S and M movie is just too bad to contemplate. We, as a species, sometimes just get intriguied by suffering. Why that is, I just don't know. But there are some limits, I feel. There have to be. You can't just re-imagine the suffering of a man for religious purposes. That just turns the pain and the suffering into a vehicle for your point which is cruel and inhuman. It belittles an experience which I hope no one has to go through ever again. Suffering is not art. Suffering does not tell a story. It might be part of it but to focus solely on it makes it obscene.

But, hey ... that's my feeling. You can do and or watch whatever you want.

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