We ...

... have returned.


We have.

Though, personally, I think it was a close call. I was willing to put in the extra week but social obligations, lack of financial support, tiredness and the unwillingness to eat another goddamned hotel breakfast were all instrumental in our return. Read closely: we did not return because we were tired of Denmark. Denmark is awesome. You do not want to be in a rush if you're visiting because the anxiety will kill you but the country is awesome, the people are awesome, everything is awesome.

We managed to squeeze in an enormous amount of 'things to do' including the mermaid statue, botanical gardens, several very cool museums, a zoo, an aquarium and an awesome amount of Tivoli.

Tivoli. How I love Tivoli. Imagine Disneyland without fakery and with heart and soul. They've been going for 150 years so they know how to entertain. There's music and rides and food and lights and weird events and awesomely disturbing teas and waiting for your hamburgers and boys who forget that wraps come, you know, Wrapped in something and conductors who conduct the audience and ladies who sing exactly two lines from the Show Must Go On and then leave and incredible coconut milkshakes and ...

It's endless. I'd be right there, right now. You know ... if I was in Denmark. And it was past 11.00. I feel like a walking advert for Copenhagen and strangely that doesn't bother me at all. I felt incredibly happy there and as I said a few times already: I could live there. So, the minute Maandag opens an office in Copenhagen I will ... ask Suus if she wouldn't mind me going there to wish them good luck before coming back and stuff.

Awesome holiday. I will post pictures. Maybe tell some more later. It's ... hard. Being home. I have to aclimatise.



... and not the weak little Madonna single either. The 80's brought us great things. This is not one of them. No ... I'm released from duty for a staggering two weeks. I will go to Denmark soon. And I will write about it when I get back. Who knows ... you might even get a present!

But only if you're nice.


What ho ...

Anyway, we're going to Copenhagen. Not the first time for me. However, we're going by plane which for some strange reason grips me with abject terror. I think it's now well and truly established that I do not do so well on ships but apparantly airplanes too hold a special little place in my heart ... I think it's the up and down motion. I don't do well in 3D.

We'll see. Denmark was fun the last time, though. But I had someone with me who could actually speak the language. Now we're going to have to try to establish some sort of relationship with the natives in one of 3 1/2 languages and with our hands and feet. We'll see ... really have to check what's up in Denmark ...


Work is still boring. that will be all.

I'm doing some 'painting' again. I'll see whether I'm willing to put up pictures ... they're different. And I'm slightly uncomfortable.

Uhm ... so ... how about that local sportsteam?

Also: check out what Billie Piper was doing whilst away from Dr.Who ...


Piper ... it's a dutch joke.


Girlfriend ...

... and me whilst in bed, discussed the possibilities of turning the titles of a certain gentleman's plays into the titles of hardcore porn vids. Now, I was semi-unconscious so, you know, I'll try to delve some up. Because It was really funny at the time.

To me.

And her.

Whilst falling asleep.

That was a disclaimer.

Oddly stated.


Two Gentle men and Verona
The Screwing of the Tamed (BDSM, obviously.)
Titus Androgynus (tranny film.)
The Cumedy of Eros
Love's Labours (pretty obvious, I'd say.)
A Midsummer Night's Cream (or Scream, if you like stuff less ... obvious or disgusting.)
Romeo and Juliet and Janice and Sandra and Elizabeth and Susan and Lucy and ... (gangbang.)
King Kong John (large willies are go!)
The Merchant of Penice (gay erotica, anyone?)
The Merry Wives of Windsor (really don't need to alter that.)
Much Ado About Mounting
Julius Kezer (works only in dutch, I'm afraid.)
Ass; You Like It! (like this one best.)
Hav'slet (sort of ... not very good.)
Twelfth Knight (suggested by my lady, as I recall. Another gangbang.)
Toilus and Cressid's ass
Measure for Measure (another one where the title is awful enough already. I leave it to your own ideas what's to be measured.)
O! Thello ... (the boy Thello is followed whilst he brings pleasure to the masses ... the title is a catchphrase ...)
All's Well That Ends Well (allround description of good sex for a man, I think.)
Macbef (another dutchy one)
Anthonio and Clitopatra
Pericl'ass, Prince of Tight
Coriolanus (we all giggled at that one already, right?)
Winter's Tail (hot babes in warm clothing. And then out of it.)
Cum-in-a-belle (more of a mispronounced anagram.)
The Tempestuous
Henry the VIIIth inches

Anyway. It was late ...