Update ...

... about sundry things including Fido.

So. The kid is doing fine. That's basically it, really. The tests performed around this mark all came back excellent, as we anticipated, so, you know, GREAT!!

Imagine getting less than stelar results. You have to feel for those people ...

My house is still a sty. Luckily there are things being done during my abcense which help to create ordo ab chao, or something. The walls are done. The floor is being done. The heaters are being re-installed. All good.

Now, however, there are plans floating about to return to the upper floors and remod them. You know, so the kid might actually have a room to sleep in that doesn't look like total and utter shyte. Which, you know, means that we'll spend a few good months in an improvised living situation. Improvised living. It's like camping. Only with the added insult of it being in your own house.

Oh, and: sorry neighbours for the early, EARLY morning vacuuming. It sucked. Sorry. No pun intended.

And I'm reading the Twilight series. Hope to talk about it as soon as my girlfriend has read them as well. I bought them for her, actually, for Valentine's. Aren't I the bestest? In the mean time, enjoy some Twilight inspired tattoos:



Yesterday ...

... we informed Chcko of Suus' pregnancy. He did not believe us which was sort of a weird moment. Even with pictoral evidence before him. Tenacious boy. We finally managed to convince him, though ... a mini-gi might be in the future of the kid, somewhere. Unavoidable, really. Quite welcome, though.

Afterwards we went to the messiah and everything looks and sounds and feels normal, apparently. Not that we have any basis of comparison but whatevs. Suus tricked the good man into taking yet another echo of the kid. He didn't plan on that but she can be quite persuasive ...

Now if only I could egt the walls done I might feel a bit lighter ...


Yesterday ...

... it snowed. And it was cold.

This should not come as a surprise, considering the winter we're having, but still. Now, the day before that I was lying in a bath, soaking, watching Dexter. And in Dexter somebody was playing 'kind Of Blue' by Miles Davis. At least I think it was and it inspired me to play that album on the iPod the next day, i.e. the snow day, on the platform at the trainstation. And it was perfect. Absolutely the right choice for that time (too late for my job) and those circumstances (snow and cold but spring around the corner).

And all of this got me thinking. I think I try to hard to get into some music. You know, really try to force a liking for, in this instance, Jazz, because it's so nice and it looks good and it's nicely pretentious, when actually I should just relax and wait until it's just the right time to listen to an album. Get the timing right and the pay-off (if you can call it that) is so much bigger and better. Also, I shouldn't feel guilty for not listening to all the stuff on the iPod. I'm sure that when the timing is right the album will still be there.

So, that was what I was thinking, when it was cold and snowy and I was on a platform of a trainstation.


LeSigh ...

... my house is once again a shit sty.

Basically what happened is this: we, my girl and I, looked at eachother and said to eachother, quite swoony and romantically,'We're going to have a kid' and after some more swooning we said 'we're going to have a kid' and after that we said 'We'll never, ever, ever have fucking time to repaint the fucking walls ever again, will we? Oh, and the fucking floor is butt ugly as well!!!'

So, basically, the lower floor of our house is stripped and gutted, again, so soon after our kitchen installment.

Pretty soon, everything will be white. And white. And white.

Which I just realised is an interesting choice when housed with a permanent kid (M/F).

Hmmm ...



... and the creation thereof.

I actually feel the deep need to stop with that sentence because I assume most intelligent people will by now have figured out what is going on in my, our ... well, LIFE, but, for the hard of hearing I shall utter the phrase with singsong clarity and jubility (if that is even a word, and if it isn't, it sure as fuck is now): Suus, my better three-quarters is pregnant and any and all colloquialisms you want to call her are totally justified: bun in the oven, preggers, knocked up ... you name it, she is it. Not that she will approve of you naming her those but be assured that you can pretty sure to outrun her these days.

This is a situation that has been going on for a while now, three months, to be randomly exact (if that makes sense (woman math is confusing to the point of confusing woman women-doctors ... which was kind of funny to see)) and will eventually end in the birth of a kid, either boy or girl, but my guess is girl. Don't ask me why. Probably because girl names are far more interesting.

Kid is doing fine, for as far as we can tell with the mommy still surrounding it. Everything that needs to be there is there. Everything that should be good is good. We are well pleased with the fact that she's not even born yet but seems already to be conforming to our expectations.

That was a joke, by the way.

Mother is doing quite well, I should say. Not throw-uppity at all but just fucked up tired a lot which is fine (for me, at least); we have a bath and we have a bedroom and in the first she can watch DVD's and in the second she can now watch television. Practically the first thing I DID (fuckingfuckers, say something a bit earlier) upon hearing the good tiding was to install television for my girl upstairs. That ought to tell you something, though I do not know what. The families have all been informed and they are henceforth seriously linked through birthdays and other family stuff as yet to come and I'm already looking forward to the sparks that most certainly will fly like a fucking firework.

It's fun though, calling everyone granny, grandpa, auntie or uncle as the case might be. It makes them giggle, usually.

As a direct result of our exceptionally effective love-making, though, our house will be a fucking shambles for some time to come, meaning, burly men will be doing rebuilding stuff. Which is not fun. However, as a further result of our highly effective love-making the house will probably be a shambles for about 18 years to come due to kid (and it's not as if I'm a neat freak myself) so it will be a nice way of easing into the mess that is yet to come. Although, I gather, at a crtain age kids can be put to work doing dishes so, who knows, in the end, the neatness situation might improve!

Anyway, looking forward to getting to know the kid. An ammmalgammmation of me and Suus will most definately be an interesting phenomenon.

You can tell how important it is, by the way, by my complete lack of comment on the recently held superbowl. Saints won, deservedly so, unexpectedly so, it was a thrilling game, Colts lost, always a good sight, Manning threw an interception and managed to look nothing like how he did in the rest of the season, New Orleans has something to celebrate, all that ... and I forgot to write about it here. My priorities seem to be re-alligning themselves. Though I will be pleased with baby clothes in Patriot, Saints, Ravens, Falcons variations ...


Waaaaa ...

... Football season is almost over!

Just the one game left. Granted, it's the Superbowl, but it's still the last one. Afterwards I will really have to adjust again. Football will be minimised to scouring the 'net looking for the latest news and updates on who goes where and why and what and so on. It's been fun. though, this year. Saw some nifty sports ... Vikings, Saints, Ravens, Eagles all did well ... Pats managed to get back in the pplay-offs ... Good times. Curious to see what will happen next season.

The weekend was done away with in cleaning and shopping and stuuf and helping my girlfriend with her work and her Wow. Did manage to do some cutting and stuff for a future painting. But let's face it ... the weather is ridiculously wet and nothing will dry outside. I managed to do a little test something yesterday afternoon but as far as I can tell the paint I sprayed on it didn't so much dry as it froze up. Result is the same, painting was ugly, but it's okay, as I used an old 'canvas'. No hope lost and something new learned. Yes, even from a negative one can learn stuff ...

I'm so amazingly bored it's sickening.