WoW! Like ... WoW!!

So, we're creeping up on april the first which happens to be the date when I first met my girlfriend. 15 Frigging years ago. That's like a seriously long time, right there! Man ... where has the time gone. But as we discussed yesterday everything is still fresh and we're more happy than ever. You know... kid, house, work, relationship everything is very brilliant but sometimes difficult and anxiety inducing but it's never boring and, really, I wouldn't want to change a thing.


Well ...

... here's an interesting development: my girlfriend, current residence of my kid, experiences regular kicks this evening. Of course when I go up to feel for myself, interested as I am, the kid stops kicking. According to my girlfriend the kid experiences my presence as soothing and quieting.

Now, you know, nice, great, yeah, totally thrilled, happy to be a positive influence and all that.

But, you know ... I wouldn't mind actually feeling a kick myself, you know ... already the kid's being difficult. This will be great later on ...


Hmmm ...

... my girl wants me to ditch the metal shirts so that I will look more mature in a shirt. She also doesn't like me to listen to the Matheus Passion because she gets the impression that I'm getting old. And she's pregnant.

Now, I'm not saying that there's some sort of connection between those facts ...

Today we fed deer in Bergen. They were very quid pro quo. If you give them some bread they will allow their nose to be touched. No bread, no nose. It's an honest system. I liked that. And then we ambled around Bergen for a bit all of which tired my girl out. This whole pregnancy thing is really taking the energy out of the girl. But she still soldiers on quite remarkedly ...

Deer are nice.


So ...

... Fido is growing, it seems. This is of course a good thing. But progress is luckily S-L-O-W. Unlike some other ladies in our neighbourhood my girlfriend and the therein contained tiny human have decided to not explode outward at an exponential rate from week 1 on out but rather taking it slow. Like smooth, cool jazz. A comparisson which will drive my girlfriend bonkers, I suspect. Or not, as the case may be. However, slowly, but surely, it seems that there is a bulge forming. It's hard to tell but you know ... it's there.

The kid is growing.

Suddenly I realize that at a certain point in time I may be called upon to explain things. To the kid, as it were. Now, I'm not much of a teacher so, you know, that's a worry (I have one class, consisting of one student). However, how do you explain things which are just unexplainable?
Things like whale hunting, boredom, (fuck, this morning in the train I had way better examples, typical, sleepy-eyed my mind works better or something), war (oh, the cliché), meetings about nothing ... what does one say?

The sex talk, we've figured out, though: when a mommy and a daddy love eachother very much, God decides to send a stork to fetch a kid from a cabbage patch and deliver the kid to the mommy and daddy. That's the story and I'm sticking to it until he/she is 18.

Well ... 16.