Wow ...

... Michael Jackson died. You never know what's around the corner.

Realistically, who HASN'T grown up on some CD of him. I'm from the Thriller era, my girlfriend from the Bad era ...

All in all the man has made some music that even today I wouldn't turn off even if my musical taste has strayed far from R&B. His influence was and is great.

It's weird to lose such an iconic figure.

In other news: Farrah Fawcett died.

What is it with this day, anyway?


Being ...

... nice is hard, sometimes.

There was an angry person in this room just now, complaining, in dutch with a heavy german accent (she's from Germany, it wasn't an adopted accent to be angry in (that would have been weird) ), that her cart was taken from her, that we had it and that the deal was that she would get it back according to something, something, something of the shadow proclamation. Or something.

Now, because this was delivered in an incredibly angry german tone this annoyed me so completely to the bone and beyond.

If I was House ...

Well, if I was House I wouldn't work here, but ... if I was House I'd have placed someremarks concerning german efforts to acquire stuff that didn't belong to them and whether she would divulge the whereabouts of my grandfathers bicycle before going off on a mad tirade about weeled methods of transport.

It's probably a good thing that I'm not House. It would have been wrong and completely inappropriate. The woman wasn't even born until the ... late 50's early 60's, I guess. And even then ...

I wonder I got the urge to be so mean in this case.


I ...

... got Karate training ads! Yahoooo!

Also: went to a party tonight with loads of people being entertained with salsa dancing. Now, I don't dance. So, I'm like a fish out of water there. It just seems like a weird thing to do, really ... salsa seems to be one of those things that comes along. And then it will fade away ... I don't think it's warm enough over here, really ...

I also have the feeling that lots of people have alterior motives for investigating salsa and the possibilities it offers to meet ... other people. Of the opposite gender.

And that level of ... quiet desperation is alien to me.

Henry David Thoreau, by the way. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_David_Thoreau


Now ...

... I find myself in the unique position of having to say something nice about thrillers when I usually don't read them. These, however, are scarily good. I'm talking about the Millenium trilogy by Stieg Larsson. Obviously. Everyone should read them.

Unfortunately, the writer passed away in 2004 or something. He actually wanted to write a 10 part series based on these characters ... I'm so ... angry at him for dying. It's so inconsiderate, really. He should have had better sense.

Still. Read the books. Be amazed. Swedish excitement in the non-blonde variety.


Thus ...

... Francisco got his 2nd Dan in Judo.

With relative ease. Fun was had although the whole show reeked off mass production. What an awful lot of judo people there are in North Holland. And I suspect that every last motherfucking one of 'em was in Beverwijk, Sunday. Soit.

He did well, our boy, did. He made two mistakes but those were mostly due to the lack of mat size in relation to his floorcraft, i.e. he threw his partner from the mat which ratlledhim so that he sort of made a tiny error in his kata.

But he passed in the end and that was all that really mattered. There was much rejoycing.


No ...

... Bones about it. I'm slightly insulted.

Saw an episode of Bones a few days back. Pure by coincidence, I'm not in the habit of watching. My girl likes the show and to be honest, there's a lot to be liked. The science seems, well, a bit speeded up, of course, and honestly, some of the computer image things they do seem so much bull, but, you know ... that's okay. It's not Mythbusters. The main characters seem to work and it's nice to see David Boreanas working again. Although Angel was infinitly better, of course. So, all in all, I have little quarrel with the show.

However, in last week's episode the murder had taken place amongst black metal musicians. And of course those were portayed as rude and loud and dumb and looking for a conviction to help their streetcred and it was all just so ... insulting. Maybe not the worst possible depiction, thanks to an authorative voice which gave some nuances, but still people just don't want to hear that musicians of this type do not walk around in permanent face make-up, do not terrorise their neighbours and do in fact compose, rehearse and play and then just go home to a wife and kids and often, very often, to a dayjob to pay the bills.

It takes skill to play such music. And it takes a lot of determination to keep at it if the whole world seems not to care and seems to hate what you do. A hint of respect would have been appreciated.

The only friendly voice in the show was that of Stephen Fry. Someone got him a job on the show as a psychiatrist and he was marvelous. Hearing him rattle of sub-genres of metal was just ... extatic. He brought some much needed nuance to the fore.

Still, you come away with the impression that this music is for the stupid, the young and the violent. And that's just an old tune.