Something ...

... awesome, just now, on Mythbusters. There is a Priest mine in California.

It's a HardRock mine.


Breaking the Law, Breaking the Law!!!




So awesome it needs no commentary. How do you even come up with this stuff????


Advertising ...

... baffles me sometimes. And I even have a good and reliable source of information, http://www.annagroentjes.nl/, on the subject!

Specifically this: http://randstad.decibel.nl/.

In recent times I see posters of this radio station pop up at a regular interval. And for the life of me I cannot figure them out. You see ... the poster has the text 'Radio Decibel' on it and a picture of a nice looking lady suggestively opening her blouse. Now, what has blouse-opening to do with a radio station? Given the medium one assumes that the joys of blouse opening converted to a radio message would be reduced to a slow zipper like sound. Or rustling of fabric and the occasional popped button sound, whatever that may be ... or maybe a nice description of the lady as she disrobes. But other than that the look of blouse opening does not translate very well to radio. Let's face it: if radio wants to be sexy it needs to play Serge gainsborough. And nobody wants to put up with that shit much longer than, oh, say, one minute. It's fucking boring.

So, to reiterate ... I do not get the advertisement. Bad ad. Bad ad-agency.

Nice blouse, though.


New ...

... post. Totally unrelated to anything and not about people so unlikely to get me into trouble. At all. Ha!


Yes ... gifts to oneself, even.

Sometimes when one buys a CD, which isn't very often, because that would be money down the drain, of course, but, you know, sometimes, rarely, even, one isn't quite happy with the music contained therein. It happens. Your research sucked, you were in a rush, you thought to yourself: 'But I have to like this ... Aardschok says!', you were very, very ill, indeed ... stuff like this. Again, it's rare because usally you know what you like (fancy that) but there you go: you end up with a useless album, stuck on the shelf or gracing some dusky corner of one's iPod where it skulks, because skulking is sometimes required. It happens to me when I don't listen to albums but just buy them when they're on sale and the name on it is familiar because other people thought it awesome and mentioned that online or in print. But you know, sometimes people suck ...

Now, I flashforward a bit, sometimes years, even, and there I am trawling through the wall of sound or through Paspartout (my name for my iPod. Suus' iPod is called Friday. Aren't we clever?) and I hit upon an old CD that I never even really listened to but I remember that I thought it sucked. But ... I've been here before. I know I should not let my feelings stop me! I know when I should press on and play the damn thing anyway and just listen to whatever it is and come to new conclusions! And ... I do!

Thus: I have recently discovered Killing Technology by Voivod. Thoroughly depressing album title, but there you have it folks ... Killing Technology. It was skulking, severely, after I had bought it in response to an article I read somewhere about the death of their guitarist, Piggy. And it was full of good things about him and the band and I figured I'd check 'em out ... I thought it utter shyte. Upon reflection, a few years later though there is some good music there. Isn't that nice? And that's what I mean: gifts to oneself. You buy something, forget about it, find it again at a crazy moment (in the train in the previous example) and life is better.


There you go. It's a bit of a rollercoaster ride, I find, through Iggy Pop, Danzig, Elvis and ... testament, Slayer ... something. It's cute. I have several albums still on Paspartout that I don't listen to at all and I'm sure that at some point in the future I'll re-evaluate them too and make a new friend. Except that one by Dream Theatre. It's ... Dream Theatre. Pretentious prog monster ...



Iskald is fun! Dimmu Borgir fun! Thanks Suus!

Alsoalso: we watched the full moon in bed yesterday. We were in bed, the moon wasn't. That was nice. And bright. But then the clouds came and we could lie the other way around again. And that was fun too!

Alsoalsoalso: I gave my pig a bird.

Alsoalsoalsoalso: /wave @ Jan!


Most ...

... people suck. So that makes it most important to tell the people that do not suck that they don't suck. Let's all show a little more appreciation for the ones in our surroundings that work hard at being nice and useful and fantastic.

I'll go first.

Suus ... I love you and appreciate you. Don't change too much and don't let anyone tell you what to do or how to behave ...


You'll be fine today ...


Okay ...

... something is wrong here ...


So ...

... apparently my niece cracked her leg!

Which is not fun. The idea of an operation was bandied about and stuff but for now her leg's in a nice, hard shell. Sort of like a partial turtle. Anyway ... certain family tradions, I thought, should not be followed but Noa, my niece, evidently takes after her mother in that mummy dearest spend half her childhood with her leg up on a stool for strains, stretches, tears, rips and whips.

We should really have a talk with them about balance and the benefits of staying upright.

However, for now, we wish my ickle niece all the best.