New shirt!

... you like? It's my own design!


This is me ...

... wearing a dress.

I assure you, this is the done thing in Aikido. Apparently it's, like, a tradition. It's called a Hakama. It has an incredibly complex closing mechanism (no velcro, more's the pity) and it has a load of folds. Folds which you are supposed to keep in there. Carefully. So, every time you've used it, you've got to refold it. Painstakingly. Every fold has a name too. And a symbolic meaning. I decided not to get THAT invested in it yet. I find putting the damn thing on a challenge as is. And it's fucking hot too ...

So far ... I'm not enjoying this very much.

However ... it does look ... cool. Somehow ... in a Steven "not fat yet" Segal way.


I'm ...

... ill. But reports about my death have been wildly exaggerated. And just plain wrong. Anyway. I'm at home. I was at home for the last two days too. I almost miss my job ...

I need to do stuff again. I feel myself become more stupid the more I don't.

Oh, LeSigh.


I ...

... may want out ... but they don't want me to leave. Got a joboffer. Think I'll turn it down.

In other news: guess who said this ... "Sport gaat altijd boven politiek" (sport is always more important than politics)?

HRH Drs. W.A. van Oranje. The future king of the Netherlands. He read history at Leiden University. You'd think he'd know better.

He was talking about China and the olympics, by the way. Human rights really are more boring than a game of foottie to him. The idiot.



... well, that says it all, really. Don't it just?

I had a blast this holiday, right up to the last minute (we took my parents to the MacD. and to see Wall*E yesterday ... my parents in the Mac. Big funny. For us ...) but now we're at work again. Back to the grind where the souls of the employees are used to feed the endless war against, or in favour of, paper.

I'm such a positive thinker.